Spring in Action [Climate Week] in Nottingham

Spring in Action [Climate Week] in Nottingham [picture set]

A week of workshops, events, music and action on climate change happened at different venues across Nottingham.

Climate change is real and its happening now. Governments and corporations dream of continued economic growth – economic growth can’t solve this crisis, but we can. A massive and concerted effort is needed on the scale of ‘Dig for Victory’ or the ‘Home Front’: A war on climate change.

Ratcliffe-on-Soar Power Station

We can’t continue our current way of life – the oil on which it all depends is running out too fast. A shift to a locally based economy will have to happen, with food and energy being produced by the people that use it. The only question is when? We could start now, or we could wait for a future of war, famine, hurricanes, droughts and floods. We need to gain the courage and change fast enough to cultivate a new world, before it’s too late.

‘Spring into Action’ was part of an emerging grassroots movement against climate change. Born out of the Camp for Climate Action (www.climatecamp.org.uk), ‘Spring into Action’ unites people across the east of England into making changes in our own lives, creating small scale solutions in our communities and resisting those who still seek their own short term gain over a safe future for us all.

So get involved, and help organise the change that you want to experience in our world.


Climate Issues, Collected picture set

Also, have collected this large set of pictures, on many related climate issues.

Climate Issues, Collected picture set

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