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I have contributed to a number of television programmes on various issues, including:
Everybody in the Place Film by Jeremy Deller for BBC4 July 2019
Modern Age of Coach Travel Producer Andy Mosse. BBC Bristol / BBC Four Jan 2011
New Age Travellers Film by Timeshift for BBC4 Oct 2004
Surveillance Society `The Sci-files’ series BBC2 Mar 1997
Heritage Film by team from BBC2 (Southampton) Jan 1993
Operation Solstice Film by Gareth Morris for Channel 4 Nov 1991
Spirit of Albion Film by Richard Philpots for Channel 4 June 1987
An Englishman’s Right Film on traveller issues BBC1 (Bristol) Sept 1986
May the Force be with you Film by Bob Long for Channel 4 July 1986
Items on Traveller issues Newsnight BBC2 1985 – 1996
Trashed `Open Space’ production (community prog) BBC2 July 1985

News & Magazines

Pictures have been used, on various issues, in the following publications:
Guardian Sounds DJ Magazine
Independent i-D Magazine Mix-Mag
Times Geographical Magazine Squall
Roof (Shelters housing Magazine) Big Issue New Statesmen and Society
Vice Magazine Huck Magazine

Additionally, I have supplied work to a number of local newspapers and more specialist magazines.


Festival Eye Work showing many aspects of festivals and the travelling
lifestyle. Also concerned with the editorial content of this
magazine. I helped in its establishment. 1986 – 1994
Festival Welfare Services Annual Reports 1981 – 1990


Indymedia UK
Nottingham Green Festival
Many one-off submissions

Selected Exhibitions

2020 Police Surveillance Exhibition. ‘The Community’ Arts, Salon de Normandy, Paris
2020 Display of collected zines & self-publishing. Institute of Contemporary Arts [ICA]. London
2019 Doing it Ourselves: 30 Years of DiY Sound System. Urban Rooms. Nottingham [Group Show
2019 One Eye on the Road, Slide Show Installation, The Carousel. Nottingham
2019 Display of collected zines & self-publishing. Institute of Contemporary Arts [ICA]. London
2019 Ratcliffe Power Climate Protest. Off-Centre Photography Festival. Nottingham [Group Show]
2018 Afro-Caribbean Carnival ‘Tunnel Vision’, Victoria Bus Station, Nottingham City Transport
2018 Edges – A view over the landscape. Off-Centre Photography Festival. Nottingham [Group Show]
2018 A Set of Zines. Nottingham Contemporary
2018 Edges – A view over the landscape. Broadway Gallery. Nottingham
2018 One Eye on the Road, ‘Light Night’ Installation. Nottingham City Council
2018 One Eye on the Road, Bonington Gallery. Nottingham Trent University
2018 Release: ‘Museum of Drug Policy Exhibition’ London [Group Show]
2017 Journey to Justice. National Justice Museum. Nottingham [Group Show]
2016 Resistance! 25 Years of UK Grassroots Movements. The Hive, Dalston, London [Group Show]
2016 Free: Celebrating Free Events For All. Oxo Tower Wharf, South Bank, London [Group Show]
2015 Resistance is Fertile. Oxfordshire Visual Arts Development Agency. Oxford [Group Show]
2015 Display: Museum & Heritage Management MA. Nottingham Trent University (Clifton Campus)
2015 Large Scale ‘tiled pieces’ Bonington Atrium Gallery, Nottingham Trent University
2014 MA Degree Show, Surface Gallery, Nottingham [Group Show]
2014 Connected Communities Festival / Arts & Humanities Research Council. University of Salford
2014 Afro-Caribbean Carnival, Nottingham
2013 ‘Surveillance’ Privacy International, London School of Economics
2012 Sumac Centre, Nottingham
2012 Switch Studio, Nottingham
2011 ‘Occupy Nottingham’ Market Square, Nottingham
2010 ‘Coming of Age’ (Asian Mela), New Art Exchange, Nottingham
2010 Climate Action, Ratcliffe Power Station issues, Mobile exhibition for Greenpeace
2010 The Arts Organisation. Nottingham
2008 Rainbow Heritage LGBT History month. Nottingham Central Library
2007 Temporary Autonomous Art TAA ‘Forbidden Arts’ Manchester
2007 ‘Spring into Action’, Spray Building Community, Nottingham
2007 Camp for Climate Action, Heathrow, London
2006 Indymedia Exhibition, ASBO Centre, Nottingham
2005 Indymedia G8 Convergence Space, Sheffield
2003 The SchNews Show! Cowley Club, Brighton
2000 Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts [various festivals between 1986 – 2009]
1999 Glastonbury Assembly Rooms
1996 Kebele Cultural Project, Bristol
1994 Velvet Revolution Tour. Sponsored by Charter 88 and Liberty [Group Show]
1994 `Streetstyle: from sidewalk to catwalk’ . Victoria & Albert Museum, London. [Group Show]
1993 ‘Stonehenge’ Prof Barbara Bender. Mobile exhibition
1993 BA Degree Show, Bonington Gallery, Nottingham Trent University
1990 Hacienda night-club, Manchester
1989 Social Centre Collective, Sheffield
1987 121 Centre, Brixton, London
1986 Oriel Davies Gallery, Newtown, Wales
1985 Great Oak Café, Llanidloes, Wales