This short film is about the young people who were born into the free festival scene that flowered and bloomed through a counterculture in 80’s Britain. From the Stonehenge free festival to the merging of the so called ‘New Age Traveller’s’ and the underground dance scene at Castlemorton and beyond these kids have lived a unique life of ups and downs, grown up in freedom and felt the violent force of the state – Operation Solstice: The Battle of the Beanfield. They have seen the negative effects of laws tailored to curb and their lifestyle in the form of amendments to the Public Order Act and later the new Criminal Justice Act which criminalised their existence. This coupled with the over commercialisation of the UK festival scene that their families dedication helped to create has left the second generation of New Travelers kids with an uncertain future… Until now…. Site4Life.


They say –  Site4life are 2nd and 3rd generation new travellers who have an amazing amount of talent in making music, performance and art. They have grown up surrounded by festivals and free parties which their parents helped create. This new generation are looking for a positive future.
As a group we will travel and perform at Festivals and local community projects.
We also have plans to build a mobile recording studio. The aim of Site4Life is education for our youth and chances to show case their talent.
We hope to build bridges into mainstream culture for these new travellers.

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