Nottingham Panoramas, using the Canon G9

I have been able to make panorams since I’ve been taking photos. Cutting up prints, scanning negs than joining together.  Digital pictures using stitching programs etc ……

Playing about this week, with my Canon G9, there is a program set, that does seem to make taking a panorama a lot easier.  When used in this mode, the last image taken, remains on the screen, so it’s a lot easier to place the next exposure in line.  These are then downloaded to a computer and stitched in the normal fashion.

Here are my first stabs at it, using this camera.

View over Nottingham from Casle Rock
Castle View

and ….. three view over the lake at Wollaton Park, Nottingham

Wollaton Park 1

Wollaton Park 2

Wollaton Park 3


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