Hi Alan

It’s John here – one of the people putting the SchNEWS book together. This is a funny request – but I’m wondering if you can help.

I am doing the photostory for the book at the moment – and this one is a strange science fiction fantasy where roles are reversed and England in is the hands of basically a load of hippys, and the persecuted minority at the suburban babylonites.

The plot of this story is that they decide that they want to put a strip of pixie woodland through an area to reinstate a leyline, but for this to happen a shopping centre, a strip of motorway, an industrial park, and the end of a runway all has to go – and turned back to a woodland – to make way for the ‘leyline’ (it’s an obvious inversion of a road project isn’t it). And a stone circle gets put in in the junction between one leyline and the other. The stories called ‘The Building of the Yoghurt 11’. But it’s a big fight because all the narrow minded suburban shopping centre goers all club together and start a direct action movement called ‘Earth Last’.

What I’m after is some pics of travellers, people living out on the land – I’ve looked at the website and seen the following –

Odstock `gypsy site’ Salisbury Feb 89

Stonehenge festival 83 – the one with the red Commer van and the stones in the background.

Stonehenge, Wiltshire spring equinox March 89 – a group of people close to the stones.

it’s for the bit when they’ve kicked all the babylon out and the festival they have at the opening of the leyline forgets to go home, and there’s permaculture gardens and basically it’s a dream come true for many, while it’s a nightmare for all the motorists and babyloners.

Could you please send us some OK res versions of those ones I’ve mentioned above ( or something better if you have something in mind) – I did a screen grab of the one with the red Commer, and that would probably do. If you don’t really want to got to any trouble if you could just say if its OK to use that pic for this purpose then email me at SchNEWS.They’re such beautiful pictures I’d like to see them reproduced in the book anyway – however I have a real use and need for such pics with this story. I have pics of travellers sites that I have taken but they don’t match yours by a long shot.



John Hodge

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