Ratcliffe Trial Day 11 – Defence Concludes its Case

Mr Rees for the defence says that there will be no more ‘live’ evidence presented.

A number of expert reports, summaries on previous evidence, and written submissions are read to the jury.  These are presented in some detail with a view to demonstrate the effects and advance of climate change.  Reference being made to the effects on the atmosphere, oceans and the ecosphere at large.  The consequences are inferred and reported on human health, on populations and migrations. Reference is further made to many of the climate effect to be expected, here in Nottinghamshire.

Additional witness statements are read to the jury.  The Judge directs them that they should be treated with the same weight as if they had been calling in person to court and that they were under oath.

These include more expert evidence on climate change effects. A rather frightening statement  from a resident of Boscastle in Cornwall.  In 2004 the site of one of the worst [and sudden] floods in recent history. A prime example of a ‘concentrated precipitation events’ previously referred to as becoming more likely by Dr. Geoff Meaden.   There were other statement from people who had personal experiences and suffered other extreme weather event in the UK and the effects on their lives at the time and since.

Concluding this section of the evidence, there was a statement from a resident of the Tuvalu Islands in the Pacific, these are loosing land to the ocean rather rapidly, and describing their environmental alarm and the effects on their lives, society’s cohesion and their economy. Then another statement is read from a resident of Tamil Nadu, India. He describes the impact of coastal erosion and influence on his livelihood as fishing declines.

The court rises early.  Closing speeches will be started tomorrow

The case continues  …. And is now in closing stages ….

Environment Agency Boscastle Flood Findings

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