Updating website development, one gallery at a time. Have just finished a ‘free party / rave’ set

The free festivals were being attacked by the Tory government with the introduction of the Public Order Act 1986. Section 39 states that ‘if two or more persons have entered land as trespassers and are present there with the common purpose of residing there’ it becomes and offence. So, if section 39 says that we may not ‘reside there’. What if we don’t reside there, but stay up all night and ‘make a racket’ ?? 🙂
…. thus, the beginnings of the free party scene that began to emerge around the country resulting in an injection of new blood and economy to the festival scene. ‘Rave’ parties are similar to free festivals in that they are unlicensed events in locations kept secret until the last possible moment. Such events offered similar opportunities for adventure and began attracting huge numbers of people from the cities. This scene grew dramatically with the Castlemorton Common event attracting 25-30,000 over 6 days. The free festival scene began to merge with the rave and free party scene producing a hybrid with new dynamism.
[This set from late 80’s to early 90’s, shot on transparency film, all before digitals].

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