Updating website development, one gallery at a time. Have just finished a ‘Education’ set

Assorted aspects of Nottingham Trent University and the University of Nottingham. A while ago, I completed the BA(hons) course in Photography at NTU. [and some other courses besides]. In later life, I returned to NTU to do an MA in photography. So much technically had changed. Attitudes, explanations and representation had all progressed and I though I’d have an update to ‘keep my pencil sharp’. Here showing some of the course work and degree shows, I have exhibited at ‘large scale’ in the Bonington Atrium and Gallery there. I have also exhibited in the vitrines there giving an opportunity to show original transparencies. To the modern student eyes, they are almost considered to be an ‘historical process’ and caused much discussion and amazement at the depth of saturated colours that could be achieved.  I use this material in slide projections at events and can present at large scale in public space

There are a number of campuses across the city and more widely in the county of Nottinghamshire, offering splendid facilities and a wide variety of architecture and space.

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