Guilfin ‘Festival Stories’ Competition

This was a piece, I submitted to the Guilfin ‘Festival Stories’ Competition. I won a CD!

This story is ancient history now. It’s from the last century! Nothing to do with now at all. Except, for thousands of us, the oppression continues.

And hasn’t stopped since then. Its not just that the no fun brigade, wont let us gather to rave / festival / or just, gather. This is only part of a life. The rest of existence is about making your way, simple survival. The ALTERNATIVES that the festivals and travellers in this country have represented for thirty years now, have enable thousands to support themselvesand families with there own economy. When the main-stream of the country, couldn’t give a fuck about young peoples prospects, beyond ‘slave-labour’ schemes. It was a point of pride once, not to take the dole from them. Travelling did provide a viable alternative for many.

After the action I describe here, our economy collapsed. The knock-on effect of this, to the rest of our tribe was devastating, and resulted in mass migration all over Europe. (or the housing estates). Some by choice, some not.

News is now reaching us that the licence for next years Glastonbury festival has had many objections. This is stage one. The argument is about numbers and control. So many want to go. So there is going to have

to be some selection on who gets in. Travellers are first up for exclusion. We have help make this event since 1971. Some started out with utopian eyes. You know, alternative. However, yet another event is about

to be denied to us. Glastonbury next then? It all goes round again.

…………. >> cont

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