Believe it or not but preparations are underway for this year’s SchNEWS book. We are after articles, pics, cartoons, photos, subverts, and stuff from the period April 2002 onwards. News of stuff you’ve been part of globally or locally – send it in.

A theme running through the book this year is ‘nevermind yer anarchist or lefty utopias. let’s hear about some real, grassroots activities which are already happening for a sustainable future.’ It could be a social or community centre . or alternative transport. or even footie fans rejecting the corporate curse and starting their own club. Sometimes the solutions come from unlikely sources. What about those Argentinians who have started their own public assemblies and barter markets after their country collapsed and took all their money? To build a sustainable world we need to find answers to all the everyday needs ranging from food, housing, education, transport and even policing through to an unbiased media; plus art and music (and sport) which isn’t dominated by money. We want to gather a range of stories together so we can get a picture of what we’re going to replace this corrupt system with, when we get rid of it. Big or small, global or local, UK or abroad – let’s hear about those projects that bypass the globalised greed machine.

But it’s not all going to be deadly serious – the satirical and graphical theme of the book will be a look at old kids annuals – seeing the war on terror through the eyes of a boy’s war comic, and all the sustainable things you can make with sticky-back plastic.

If you would like to be involved in helping produced the book – whether that be in writing serious and/or satirical pieces, graphics, sub-editing, get in contact. If you want to write an article please contact first, and the deadline will be about mid March. The book will be out for mid June!!

We also want more people to read SchNEWS but need your help with distribution. How about handing copies out at local gigs, university, school, record shops, cafes, on the bus? We can either send 9 copies a week for the cost of a first class stamp, or better still for our long serving mailout crew, you can get SchNEWS emailed every Friday morning in the PDF version so it looks just like the printed copy, then print out, photocopy and distribute at will.

AND We still need a hand to shift more of our SchNEWS of the World books. With most of the countries radical bookshops closing, we need your help in tracking places down that will sell books for us. Do you know a friendly shop that might want to take some copies on a sale or return basis? All proceeds go to photocopying and distrubuting SchNEWS…. and occasionally on a packet of biscuits or two…..Or what about ordering a copy of the book from your local library. The ISBN number is 09529748 6 X

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