COP26: advice for NUJ members

The union has published guidance, health and safety tips and emergency legal numbers for those covering the climate change climate in Glasgow.

NUJ members covering the climate change conference need to plan accordingly and take appropriate health and safety precautions.

The union will always stand firm for the right of bona-fide newsgatherers to do their jobs without fear of threats to their well-being.  Our guidance document gives  health and safety tips,  advice when dealing with the police and emergency legal numbers to ensure those covering the event feel prepared, safe and supported.

Always carry your UK National Press Card (UKPCA)/for Ireland NUJ Press Card in an accessible place and use it to identify yourself. Ensure you are protected by adequate insurance and conduct your own risk assessment before working. Make sure you have your NUJ membership number (not press card number) to hand if you need support from the union or Thompsons solicitors.

Carry a copy of the NUJ’s and Thompsons solicitors emergency phone number in case you need help. Thompsons operate a 24-hour emergency  number for work-related criminal matters. THOMPSONS SOLICITORS SCOTLAND ON 07718 416 084. 

Members can also call this number if there are difficulties with police officers, such as being kettled along with protestors: 01786 896000.

There will be a briefing for journalists/news gathers with Police Scotland, for those covering COP26 on Thursday 21 October at 14.00. If you will be covering COP26 and wish to participate contact

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