All things go in cycles

“All things go in cycles” Some recent graffiti near my home at the edge of Woodthorpe Park, Sherwood. Nottingham

Watched a lad do this work over recent weeks. During and when he’s finished, I know of 20-30 people talking to him, admiring it taking pictures and selfies etc ….. all so much nicer than these garages brickwork.

BUT THEN I spy one of these warden types. I engage in conversation. Apparently he didn’t have permission, someone [ie. ONE] has complained and it is classed as vandalism. Did I know who has done it! [yea right :)] I pointed out that with so much positivity about it and one complains, where does ‘right’ reside. He said it probably would cost a lot to paint over it all. I said I may well stand in front of it if that was tried. We wished each other a good afternoon and we went on our way …..

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