DiY Sound System: Anarchist Ravers of Castlemorton : Vice Video

Including 25x of my pictures, supplied to illustrate the background to this material and interviews.

“Someone called us 72 hour party people. It would start on Saturday and finish on Tuesday.”In the 1990s, no one partied harder than the raver. And no one raved harder than DiY Sound System. Pioneers of the UK’s house music and free party scene, DiY were known for their huge club nights and three-day-long countryside raves.

They played a central role in the infamous Castlemorton Common Festival, which saw 20,000 people descend on a field for the biggest unauthorised rave in history, 30 years ago this week. Complaints from politicians led to the pivotal Criminal Justice and Public Order Act, which attempted to shut down free parties for good. In theory at least…

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