Eviction Alert!: Sherwood Tree Camp

Support is vital over the next couple of days. 07050 656410


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Bellway Homes are attempting to destroy a group of ancient trees and a natural meadowland to build what campaigners say is an unnecessary road junction. The area is supposedly guarded by a Tree Protection Order as it possesses a 300 year old beech tree, yet the council are refusing to take any action against the developers.

Local campaigners and residents at Mansfield Woodhouse’s tree houses’ and tunnels were visited by the Sherriff on Tuesday 10th February and informed that an eviction of the protest camp would be taking place imminently.

Welsh Bailiffs came on site with a warrant conducting a health and safety review of the site. They said they would be returning imminently with a professional tunnel team and climbers.

Campaigners hope they can delay the destruction long enough for action to be taken in the courts. On Saturday the small numbers present were boosted by a call for support which mobilised enough people to foil what they say was an illegal eviction attempt (report). The campaigers say they desparately need more people in site to help build defences, and to stay over night so numbers are at a maximum when the bailiffs move in. It seems likely it will happen very soon.

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From: Cookie Sent: 10/02/2004 15:45 – WELSH BALIFS have just been on site – They have done a safety meeting (we r relieved to that it seems it is going to be done properly) We need more defences put up URGENTLY if we are going to hold the site.

It IS worth holding the site as we can get to court now and stop damage to the trees once the eviction starts

We have confirmation that an illegal eviction HAD been planned for Sat and we DID avert it with the numbers that turned up


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From: Cookie Sent: 08/02/2004 23:22

OK peebs – story so far

60+ yellow coats in vacinity, some on Bellway property, some in disused railway carpark.

Machinery arrived day b4

ambulance and security etc.

called for assistence – MANY came

Site was buzzing and vans passing up and down constently.

Police were informed that we believed an illegal eviction was due to kick off. Police turned up and confronted security.

From: anon sent 7/02/2004 23:00

We believe we have possibly put them off an illegal ‘jump us’ style eviction. Who knows, all we know is it didnt happen. We are staying in defences and all ready for the off. Many security and yellow coats about – some work IS being done to railway – but not using all the people milling about by any means.

Due to phone problems (coincedence?) we have a new setup – calls to – 07050 656410 will get you through

I don’t believe this was a false alarm – but we are still here – still alot of security action about

Undersheriff and bulldozers near site now (7th Feb 11pm). People desperately needed on site and to offer support. More information: 07050 656410 Please phone this number if you need a lift to site or if you can offer lifts. Read more for important update! (8/2/2004)

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