MI5 are taking on more staff. Are you up the the challenge?

Security Service home page (MI5 Official site)


Information on graduate and administrative careers with the Service are held on the recruitment microsite: http://www.mi5careers.info

I have covered some of the activities of these folks, as they pertain to my tribe / lifestlyle. Check out my article on the subject:


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Here is a previous example of some of their activities, described in the Guardian:



I tried to take a look at my own files, but it is far from straight-forward.

Test case allows ‘right to know’ on MI5 files – Guardian


Just as a piece of public information here ….. If you want to make a complaint about the Service, write to:

The Investigatory Powers Tribunal

PO Box 33220

London SW1H 9ZQ

Oh, by the way, there is some accountability, with this commission to oversee the investigation of complaints about surveillance by these services. Should a complaint to this tribunal be made, an individual would not be told whether or not they have actually been the target of MI5 surveillance.

Under current procedure, they are only told if the tribunal considers MI5 to have acted wrongly. In effect, filling in one of the complaints forms, available from most police stations, simply alerts the security services to the fact that the individual suspects they are being watched (or perhaps, therefore, should be!!!). Do you follow my drift?

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