Shooting of Danielle Beccan :: Nottinghamshire Police Press Conference

Just got back from a Nottinghamshire Police Press Conference, regarding the Shooting of Danielle Beccan in St Anns area of Nottingham, early on Saturday morning 00:35am.

An arrest has been made following the death of 14-year-old Danielle Beccan in an apparently random shooting. Danielle was hit when a number of rounds were shot from a moving car early on Saturday morning as she walked back from the Goose Fair with friends. The schoolgirl died yards from her home in the St Ann’s area of Nottingham.

Did you get that folks, a 14 year old girl, with no bad connections, out with friends, and coming back from the GOOSE FAIR, gets shot and killed. For Fucks Sake !!!!!

Nottinghamshire Police, who have up to 100 officers working on the case, said they are holding one person in connection with the crime.

Present there for statements were:

Assistant Chief Constable Susannah Fish & Superintendent David Colbeck

For pictures, see my PhotoBlog at:

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BBC – One arrested over teen gun death

Observer – Girl, 14, killed in drive-by shooting,,1324016,00.html

Map of Rushford Close, St Ann’s

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