More on the Indymedia Servers seizure.

Story has been running on my blog, since 8th October. Look back over, for more links about it all.

But, some of the fuss, was about the inclusion of these pictures, in an Indymedia article on Nantes Indymedia.

Being a regular contributor, I’ve been following the Indymedia story for a few days now. There is stuff about it, on Indymedia, the Register, International Journalists Fed, Znet etc etc. but I couldn’t find the pictures that it was all about. Now someone has sent me a link to check out.

Link to the photographs which is claimed, caused the FBI to issue an order to hosting provider, Rackspace for seizure of its 2 hard drives
Now I’m looking at them, blimey, how mundane! What is the fuss? I’ve taken so many of the plod, looking like this before. and published on various enviro sites. Was one of the chaps that exposed the work of the Forward Intelligence Units of the Metropolitan Police at Reclaim the Streets etc. and none of this stuff, happened to me, not no knocks on the door.

I guess, as some have said, it a pretext to do with other events coming round, like the ESF and elections etc…

When crying about the RIPA act, was pointing out that one of the provisions was that you couldn’t say, [under penalty of 5 years imprisonment,] that you had received one of these orders.

I go around saying ‘I told you so’, to anyone that will listen 🙂

Here is some of my own work on these isssues, I guess you’ll see what I mean …..

More on the story at links,12597,1324419,00.html
This is the treaty law, they seem to be relying on:
I think folks should also read this: Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000
Section 19 Offence for unauthorised disclosures.

19. – (1) Where an interception warrant has been issued or renewed, it shall be the duty of every person falling within subsection (2) to keep secret all the matters mentioned in subsection (3).–b.htm#19

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