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Being a photographer, weather has always been important, since I photograph mainly outside …..

Currently, I’m trying to learn now to accuratly predict an ‘Inversion’. Since when they happen, especially in the hills, the conditions contribute to some fantastic piccys.

Any readers here, can offer me any advice??

Here is my posting on the tread there.

I’m a photographer, with an interest in landscape, hill walking etc.

Being based in Nottingham, I am a frequent visitor to the Derbyshire Peak District and other high ground. Now, on a few occasions, I have climbed hills, to discover at altitude, blue sky above, and clouds below, in the valleys. This is of course, an inversion.

I have photographed the landscape under these conditions and thoroughly enjoyed the results. I would like to do so much more.

Now, from my reading, I know that this is a more common feature in the autumn/winter, but not exclusively so. I know it is associated with anticyclone conditions, cold nights, still air.

However, this is not a great deal of help, in my effort at such predictions.

So, seeking more practical advice.

I would like to look at a weather forecast, and interpret it with a view to jumping in the car and driving out to the Peak District, or, sometimes perhaps, Snowdonia. I have done this so many times now, spending time and large amounts of petrol, to be disappointed by the conditions I find on my arrival.

Please anyone help me with some more concrete advice on how I might predict an inversion, before setting out on a long journey.

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