Exodus -and the Dirty-Tricks department

A few folk have asked me what has happened to Exodus. The Luton Dance music collective. Dirty tricks department! yea, here you go, cop this lot …………..

LODGING COMPLAINTS (Investigation into masonic attacks on Exodus Collective)http://www.squall.co.uk/squall.cfm/…2001061917/ct=2

FIREBOMBED! PRESSURE MOUNTS ON LUTON FREE PARTY POSSE http://www.schnews.org.uk/archive/news60.htm

COLLECTIVE STRENGTH http://www.schnews.org.uk/archive/news92.htm

WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO THE EXODUS COLLECTIVE? Part One (interview with former spokesmanGlenn Jenkins) http://www.squall.co.uk/squall.cfm/…2003021101/ct=2

THE PHAROAH’S MEN DROWNING AGAIN (bedfordshire police activities against exodus collective) http://www.squall.co.uk/squall.cfm/…2001061801/ct=2

The police have much to answer for after raiding members of a Lutonhousing collective in search of drugs. http://static.highbeam.com/n/newsta…sear







Red Pepper http://www.redpepper.org.uk/cularch/xexodus.html

Cobalt http://www.cobaltmagazine.demon.co.uk

Exodus splits up http://www.guilfin.net/reports/?id=rwINET211

and, as you can see, the ‘dirty trick department has been active, with a few of us that do try to make progress.. hence, yet another bloody civil action …….. Beanfield, Operation solstice, Operation Daybreak, Operation Nomad, Operation Snapshot, Operation Mermaid, FIT team, sgt sulley etc. they hate us, ssooooooooo much. BUT, as they dont seem able to win squarely, within the ‘rules of evidence’ and by due process. they try subtifuge, and play dirty!!Some are quite amazed that this goes on, but i remind you all, were not playing a gentlemans’ game of cricket here…

surv – Nomad: http://tash.gn.apc.org/nomad_10.htm

surv – start: http://tash.gn.apc.org/surv_10.htm

surv – watched: http://tash.gn.apc.org/watched1.htm


Exodus: Parties with a Purposehttp://tash.gn.apc.org/exodus1.htm

Exodus: To rave or to riot?http://tash.gn.apc.org/exodus2.htm

so,, mind how you go, but still go 🙂

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