Freedom of Information: The Message BBC Radio4

Just heard ‘The Message’ on Radio 4 Friday afternoon.

For those interested in investigations, it is quite informative. [First part of the prog]

latest program online at: [for next 7 days]

Program details:

Freedom of Information

Next month the Freedom of Information Act becomes effective but will it change anything?

Can our public authorities expect to besieged by eager journalists and will shocking revelations result? Or have the political mandarins made sure anything of significance will remain under covers?

For decades distinguished investigative journalists have argued the case for a more open society where information in the public sector be made accessible to the public. Now at last legislation is to become effective.

I have just written to two of my local authorities, and my four nearest police forces, saying the law is ‘fully’ effective as from 1st January 2005. What are their procedures. Me thinks it will cause some fuss [I hope 🙂 ‘cos no-one is ready for all this….] and after the years of enactment in various stages, they should be.

and basic advice from the information commissioner at:

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