The great bus sale: London Routemasters £2000 each :-)

Have only just heard about this. Obviously, London Transport sell off the old stock, but what a bargin.

I had to laugh just now though. The BBC site says:

“Old buses £2k each. But who’s buying them and where on earth will they park them?”

When I was a lad, we were in the ‘Peace Convoy’. What an opportunity for the present day traveller. What do you reckon?

The great bus sale

By Tom Housden

BBC News

The Routemaster: A 1950s design classic

As much an icon of London as Big Ben or Buckingham Palace, the curvaceous old Routemaster double-decker is due to be retired next year. But there’s no shortage of admirers waiting in the wings to snap up a slice of transport history.

After many years of faithful service, London’s remaining 200 Routemaster buses are approaching the end of the line.

A familiar sight on the capital’s streets for more than 50 years, the buses are gradually being replaced.

The Routemaster Association:

Categorised as “historic buses”, anyone over 21 with a normal Category B licence can get behind the wheel as long as there are no more than eight passengers on board.

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