Straw Bale work on eco-building in St.Anns

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‘Collected’ set of pictures on Flickr :: Straw Bale Building @ St Anns

On the allotment site at St. Anns, Nottingham, I have been following the progress of construction of a straw-bale building.

By using ‘alternative’ materials ….. this project is an experiment to think of different methods of building. To take sustaibility and conservation into account. Oh, and not to forget cheapness.

When starting, I thought it would be a few months of work, but, as it’s basically a voluneered staffed mission, it is all taking a wee bit longer.

Ecoworks is on the Hungerhills allotment site, reached off Ransom Road, St.Anns …..

If needed, they can provide transport from the city centre by arrangement. Ring Tim on 07719 428187 for more info.
Hot drinks supplied; please bring your lunch.



The story so far:

EcoWorks: Straw Bale work on “eco-building” in St.Anns

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More to follow, i guess …….. >

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