Heard from a mate from party scene years ago

Heard from Fluffy Phil a mate from party scene years ago. Leicester Babble Crew. Was part of the ‘All Systems’ events we did, trying to tell all about the CJA at the time. Anyway, so glad to hear from him. He phones out of the blue this afternoon, saying the Las Vagueness field at Glastonbury is changing back to some ‘older objectives’. Travellers field etc. Did I want to be involved? He knows of my attitudes on the way that this event has become a bit like Butlins. So, if there are moves to change some of this. Yep, count me in…… expect if this all happens, will help with archives, information and 3 0r 4 day of projections / performance. Might be interesting if we paint some of the inside of the fence, white and do a humungous scale show. Even hear the Mutoid Waste Company are part of the crew this time. Have always enjoyed working in this format. 🙂





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