Biofuels on the Archers BBC Radio4 :: “Lots to digest”

The Archers [sorry, but I’m a huge fan], is in the process of covering bio-fuels matters in the plot.  The issues being explored through the views of the diversity of characters.  From the Industro-agricultural outfits, to Pat & Tony’s organic farm operations.

Although I know many are up to pace with the arguements, in putting this on the Archers, I believe that they are putting it infront of one of the largest UK audiences that there are.

“It’s Pat’s birthday but she’s got to spend it at Home Farm discussing her argument against installing an anaerobic digester. Carl the consultant gives his presentation and does well with all Pat’s objections. But when Pat suggests he recalculate his figures without including her and Tony, Adam insists she hears Carl out. Carl acknowledges that if Tony and Pat aren’t involved there might be some other interested party, or they could always grow more crops. Pat jumps on this suggestions, implying it’s irresponsible advice but Carl keeps his cool.

Discussing the idea at the Bull, everyone else seems clearly convinced”.

Archers Plot Synopsis 

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