Well ,,,,, of course, am getting old, and I must try and keep up. On watching the first episode of the BBC4 series on modern Britain called the ‘History of Now’, I realised that some styles of electonic music, to add a little more sommat to it, might be described as needing ‘to put a donk on it’!!

“..what you wanna do wi dat right?
– You wanna put a bangin’ donk on it…”

I know, I know …. couple of years behind everyone else, but i try yaknow.


Soundtrack to some bangin’  chavs I expect, but i think this video from the Blackout Crew is hilarious. I know it’s supposed to be.

Might sound a bit like a High Court Judge, having evidence explained to him …. “I believe they are a popular beat combo malud …….”


Oh, by the way all ….. Happy New Year!

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