Updating website development, one gallery at a time. Have just finished a ‘Gay Pride’ set

With greater acceptance by society, gay pride events have been gaining in popularity. Shown here, events from Manchester, London, Leicester, Derby and Nottingham. Greater Manchester Police and the Gay Police Association asked for this group picture before they joined the parade. It is also encouraging to see chief police officers joining with other groups from public service, such as the military etc.

Many commercial outfits have arrived and taking places at these events. Some of the more cynical perhaps feel that they are simply trying to cash in on the ‘pink pound’ and not give a screw about the civil rights held up here. At Manchester Pride, some youths held up signs “too poor to be gay” and pride not profit”. They were hustled to the side by security who then started harassing me. Citing commercial sensitivity!! ’twas ever thus!

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