Webserver ‘thread’ started on Urban75

Have announced my webserver back up again, and also, plugged the Orgiva work in Spain ….


Done more webwork recently, so there is yet more to see ….. >

In addition to the work on my main website [ http://tash.gn.apc.org], have made a collection of Streaming Media work, presented in Windows .WMV & Real Media – .RM format

Have made different sizes of files available. Select the largest that you think your modem should handle.


Contained within are, 23 slideshows, presented with soundtracks at sizes 320×240, 640X480 & 800X600. 10x one hour shows of a selection of festival and party pictures in black and white and colour. Have also included several shed-loads of video, documentaries, soundtrack etc. In fact 2.6Gb of encoded video, slide shows and generally ‘big stuff’

Well gosh! I’ve had a ‘webserver’ running on my own machine for a few years now. However, recently, it had all broken down, and didn’t work!

But have checked and all seems well, again. So, if interested, do take a peek. A while since I’ve been able to show you this work ……!

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