Spam E-mail etc. my suggestions

Am heartily fed up with these folks filing my mailbox and mobile phone! Just like everyone else is, I suppose.

A lady called Sandra who continually asks if I ‘remember’ her. Ads for viagra and penis enlargement are favourites and the usual Nigerians, asking me to launder £25m quid for them. Etc etc ……

Things you can do.

1. Complain – Take the trouble to find out, who is the offenders ‘service provider’.

In the case of mail from a yahoo, send a copy to,

and say your complaining, and require action!

most other email providers, can be contacted via the same ‘form’ of email address.

2. Register your e-mail – I have registered all my e-mail addresses with the:

E-Mail Preference Service Limited

it is an outfit related to the Data Commissioner. It takes 10 days or so, to crack in, so I’m still getting a fair amount of rubbish every day. After that, it becomes an offence, and I may be able to proceed against folks for damages! I have a history of this sort of thing. So, am giving it a go.

Needless to say, I have tried the ‘polite approach’ in asking folks to stop bothering me! Politness on the internet, it seems, just doesn’t work 🙂

Years ago, I registered with the ‘Telephone Preference Service [there is a fax one also].

I was bothered loads by double glazing sales etc. it works!! I’m not any more.

Hope this helps folks.

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