Photographers Information Lists: and EPUK – Editorial Photographers UK

I have just joined this group on digital photography: and it seem like I might learn a load.

ProDIG the forum for professional digital image makers

An email forum for professional image makers: to discuss digital imaging issues affecting their work and the industry. The Prodig List is open to all artists, designers, photographers, printmakers, system operators etc involved in professional digital imaging.

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EPUK – Editorial Photographers UK

Have been on this list, almost since it’s beginning, three years ago.

A private mailing list and public resource for editorial photographers. The business of editorial photography, copyright, fees, terms & conditions, contracts.

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EPUK was inspired by the original Editorial Photographers email discussion list and set up to address business issues as they affect photographers working in the UK and Irish markets.

The bulk of EPUK takes place in a private discussion. All photographers working for the UK or Irish editorial markets are welcome to apply for membership.

EPUK was set up and is run entirely by photographers.

They have links with other organisations representing photographers such as the

Association of Photographers (AoP)

and the

National Union of Journalists (NUJ)

EPUK intends to be the number one way of finding out about the business of editorial photography.

EPUK is the number one forum for the business of editorial photography

EPUK is a support and information exchange

EPUK is the fastest growing resource for photographers working in the editorial market in the British isles

EPUK promotes photographers’ interests and professional business practices

To join:

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Thought I might mention here, I keep a frameset of links, to all the groups I’m to do with.

I’ve made it for my convenience, in keeping up with the latest from all of them. Some you need to subscribe to, to view the messages.

But I include the link here, in case It’s of some wider use ……. >

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