Travellers : Picture on my main website

I started taking pictures, at the end of the 70’s. I wanted to communicate something of what it was like to be a young rootless “Traveller”. Because I was one. Many looked at the various examples provided by gypsies here and in Europe; to nomadic people across the world. To try life outside the house in many different ways and to pick and select those means that make life comfortable, easy and meaningful. The ‘bender’, the Indian ‘tipi’, the Moroccan ‘yurt’, the Romany ‘bow top’, the western two-man tent, the truck and the double decker bus. Life on the road in an old £300 1960’s bus, truck or trailer seemed like a bloody good option weighed against the prospect of life on the dole in some dirty city where the only values being espoused by the Tory Government were those of me, me , me and more me – what was a poor boy to do. Five of you – £60 each , forget about the Tax and Insurance, let’s just chuck a few mattresses in the back of the Bella Vega and head for the nearest festival where we will be welcomed. Anarchists, venusians, pikies, pixies, conspiracy fugitives, old school, new school, never been to fucking school – wheeler, dealers – tryers, flyers, out and out liars – saints, sinners – all of them strangers in their own very strange land.
[This set from early 1980’s shot on transparency film, all before digitals].

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