Continued Traveller hassle

First they closed down most of the Council traveller sites and told them to buy their own land…..then they told them they couldn’t have planning permission so they should all….what?….vapourise??….they can’t ….so now there’s a concerted drive to evict them, grab their land….(and make a wedge out of selling it to supermarkets and developers?)…and push them back on the sides of roads where they can be screwed under the Criminal Justice Bill…..the aim is simple…..they want every shred of the traveller way of life obliterated.

When 50 or more cops with riot shields turned up to help bailiffs evict the self-owned traveller site at Chelmsford a couple of weeks ago, there’s more going on than racist local councils being their nazi selves…..

No coincidence then that out of 1300 East European Roma fleeing racist persecution only 10 got “leave to stay”…and Brit embassies there are instructe d to target Roma for exclusion.

People determined to put an end to this are meeting at 4 Sutton Street off Commercial Rd (nearest tubes Aldgate East and Whitechapel) on Saturday Febuary 21 at 3pm.

There will be film of the evictions at Woodside and Meadowlands- and the bailiffs’ defeat at Bulkington….

people who took part in the resistance, plus people from the Gypsy Council, will be at the meeting.

Anybody who has skills in resisting evictions will be sharing them.

Together we can build an effective resistance to ethnic cleansing on our own doorsteps.

Together we can put a stop to this racist shit!!

for further information email-

or phone- 07963603111


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