Sherwood Protest Camp Evicted Today

Well, over a year now, that folks have been living on the site, but 50 bailiffs and a hundred or so police, [including the road-block around the district, evicted the three people living there today.

Through the course of the afternoon, I watched them saw down a 300 year old beech tree to make way for some more ‘progress’.

Three people were arrested as bailiffs moved onto the site in Debdale Lane, Mansfield Woodhouse, Nottinghamshire.

The group had been camped in the threatened trees for 15 months.

Around 50 bailiffs, along with 70 police officers who were there to ensure safety, moved in at first light on Monday morning.

Three protesters were arrested by the bailiffs for on suspicion of obstructing a court officer.

A fourth is understood to have left voluntarily.

The bailiffs say safety is their main priority while the remaining protester is located.

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editors note:

For those wondering what HCEO, written on the backs of some of the overalls means, they are “High Court Enforcement Officers”. From the 1 April 2004 the role of the High Court Sheriff has been abolished. A new role of High Court Enforcement Officer (HCEO) will take the place of the Sheriff.

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The site mobile is / was: 07891 986 208

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