The Travellers School Charity – Skool Bus:

Computer Classroom Report


To assess the need for a computer classroom to provide education to Travellers’ children, feasibility study and a trial run for a more permanent project.

To raise an awareness about renewable energy as a mobile power source for IT.


Incorporating the TSC’s computers into a mobile classroom unit, travelling around the country to various sites and working with the children living there.


Thank you to all the families who took part in the project and especially those who enthused and said what a good idea it was, this really helped our resolve when things were tough.

Friends, Families and Travellers helped us out in Brighton a lot and this was much appreciated when we had a backlog of administration to do.

The Tudor Trust and Groundswell provided most of the funding for the project and without their support who knows how far we would have got! On behalf of those eager children who received the benefit of what we managed to provide we would like to say thank you.

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