Can You Take Photographs In Public? Can You Film In Public? & s43 Terrorism Act 2000 Searches

In this video, I discuss whether you can take photographs or film in public. This is a brief explainer video of your rights when taking photographs or filming something (or someone) in public. There is no specific law that prevents you from taking photographs or filming a video in public but there are certain things that you might wish to consider before while doing so.

There are various laws that may cause difficulties depending on the situation but you have the right to keep any photographs and video you take or film in public and you are the copyright owner of all such material. No one has the right to force you to delete photographs or videos that you have taken in public but in certain situations, the police may be able to search, view, or even seize photographs or videos that you have taken in public.

Also consider the Police powers to search under s43 Terrorism Act 2002.

As always, this video is NOT formal legal advice – you must always seek full advice and do not rely on this video or any other video or anything else you read online.

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