The Secret History of Spiral Tribe

The Secret History of Spiral Tribe
Not many people know this, but the horse-drawn travelers had a big part in shaping the direction of Spiral Tribe in 1991.
Back then we were urban squatters. Occupying empty buildings in London to live, work and, of course, party!
But on the summer solstice of 1991 we headed out of the city to try and find the elusive relocated site of that year’s Stonehenge Free Festival. For years the authorities had created a security cordon around the stones and partying anywhere too close to them would bring down the full brutality of the police.
Anyway, to cut a long story short, we managed to find that year’s festival, on an ancient greenway, hidden deep in the Hampshire countryside. It was known as the Rat’s Run.
These beautiful photos, from Alan Lodge, are of that magical moment.

It was here that the horse drawn made a huge impression on us (you can see from these pictures why!) We’d later become great friends with them – Ixy (now Ixindamix) was one of their number. She’d phone us to tell us of great new locations that they’d found as they’d slowly (at horse-speed) wound their way through the little-known greenways and lanes of rural England. We’d load up the sound system and meet up with them – and of course – party!
It was at these hidden locations, that the Spiral magic kicked in. It’s difficult to put it into words – but there was a strong sense that we were in a timeless landscape, beyond the rigid boundaries of the world according to those who’d impose their reality upon us. It was not an ‘escape’ from reality, rather a behind the scenes peek at reality.
There’s nothing like a horse-drawn rave to change the direction of your thinking!!! ?

Mark Angelo

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