Under the Rainbow : Documents and Artefacts From Five Decades of LGBTQ+ Struggle and Liberation

An Exhibition at Broadway Cinema

25 July 04 August 2024 – Free Event

In the face of aggressive marginalisation, LGBTQ+ people in Nottingham fought for themselves and stood shoulder to shoulder with others. In doing so, they created their own narratives and built their own support networks.

The documents and artefacts produced in these struggles continue to be an inspiration. They show how people organised themselves and created their own defiant media and spaces.

Born of resistance, it is all the more striking that these items are such vivid and positive depictions of culture, life and love, of a community that not only survived, but thrived.

Once again supported by Peoples’ Histreh and very kindly hosted by Broadway Cinema, the Sparrows’ Nest is excited to share items from their rich collections of donated LGBTQ+ materials, complemented by pictures by local photo journalist Alan Lodge.

The exhibition accompanies the launch of the first volume of CJ DeBarra’s major new work on local LGBTQ+ history Queer Nottingham: 1960-1990, published by Five Leaves, based on years of extensive research and over a hundred oral history interviews.

Please feel free to widely share this article and the promo leaflet!


Thu 25-Jul

7-9pm: Join us for our opening event in the Broadway Gallery (enter through Broadway’s main entrance or via Heathcote Street). We promise to keep the speeches brief!


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