An Introduction:

Hello …

Thank you for calling by. I’m Alan Lodge,  though my friends call me `Tash’.

These are Tash’s Festivals, Travellin’ & Environmental Archives, otherwise know as ‘One eye on the road’.

I am a photographer with a special interest to document the lives of travelling people and those attending Festivals, (My diary) what the press often describe as ‘New Age Travellers’. With my photography, I have tried to say something of the wide variety of people engaged in ‘Alternatives’, and youths’ many sub-cultures and to present a more positive view.

I have photographed many free and commercial events and have, in recent years, extended my work to include dance parties (‘rave culture’), protest against the Criminal Justice Act,  Reclaim the Streets, environmental direct actions and matters surrounding Globalisation.



For more about my background and interests, check out my resume. Oh ….. and the rest of the site of course.


I am based in Nottingham, UK.


“It is not enough to curse the darkness

. . . . . . it is necessary to light a lamp”