Licencing Events


It is becoming more and more difficult to support any viable alternatives to corporate club and festival events, due to the expense and amount of red tape involved. In order to contine to organise events, various groups are working towards.


Appropriate regulation of laws relating to sustainable outdoor independent events.
Setting up and maintaining an effective dialogue with regulatory bodies over new and exsting guidance.


Effective information dissemination and proper consultation procedures.
The recognition that youth oriented music and arts events are a vital part of British culture.
Realising the potential for growth and job creation within this sector of the music industry, a significant economic export for the UK.
What has been happening to outdoor events, by way of controls, is now being applied to clubs. New law, in the shape of the `Barry Legg’ Act, has recently been enacted. I think that the culture is now going to have to stand up for itself!

So much for Cool Britannia ……..!!!


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