Stonehenge – Legal and Injunction Papers


As I have pointed out elsewhere in the site, I have been involved with the various legal and welfare advice agencies concerned with Travellers and those that attended the ‘free festivals’.


As part of the Governments attempts a quashing these ‘alternatives’ lifestyles, they have engaged in a number of legal ‘devises’ to make life difficult for anyone who support and or has interest in their situation.


It is against this background that much law has been pointed at us. With respect to the Stonehenge situation, this resulted in being hauled up before the High Court and a Perpetual Injunction granted (like FOREVER), to prohibit our attendance at Stonehenge, or the land for 5 miles around.


Request for ‘Undertaking’ not to go to Stonehenge
High Court Order, that I not go to Stonehenge, or on land within a radius of 5 miles
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