Performance & Projections

‘One Eye On the Road’: The Slide Show


….. is currently delivered using 5 X Kodak Carrousel projectors and selections made from 60 reels (of 80 slides each), that are formatted in sequence.


I have made photographs at these events. My Diary. I am able to `mix’ between these to produce a range of `themed concepts’. Some samples of my work are distributed throughout these pages to illustrate ideas. I have also created the `Gallery’ pages for a sneak preview of some of my work.


The equipment is operated by a dedicated electronic controller.


I have a range of 70-120mm zoom lenses and long focus 250mm lenses that should give a sensible sized image from most positions in a hall or outside event. `Wide angle’ effects can be added using 22mm lenses.



Aspects covered within the show are:–

Free and commercial festivals showing aspects of life, crafts and stalls, benders, tipis, music (on-stage and impromptu!), installation art and vehicle decoration, convoys, portraits, drugs, police actions, urban and rural events, special section on Stonehenge festivals and the “Battle of the Beanfield”.

I also make observations on political protest and peace camps and environmental direct actions


Many of the above points, of course, apply to sections of work that deal with Travellers. Additionally, scenes describing vehicle living (making home out of trucks and buses), horse drawn and bow-top caravans, kids, travellers school, There are of course many ‘crossovers’ in their lifestyles.


Dance parties showing aspects from both inside clubs with many lighting effects, and outside in field and woodland sites at `Free Parties’. Again, some of the imagery from these events has much relation to earlier festivals and I try to point out some influences.


A whole section of the show is devoted to describing the events and activities of the various demonstrations and marches protesting against the Criminal Justice Act.This law seeks to criminalize most of the activities and lifestyles that I have been documenting for some time.
Environmental concern has lead many to take `direct action’ on a range of issues. Reclaim the Streets (RTS) party / demo style events are a continuity of much of the above, and I hope that this view is represented in my work.



Please see My Diary for a complete list of events that I have photographed.


`Photo Gallery’ pages
Free and commercial festivals
Battle of the Beanfield
Dance parties / Systems
Reclaim the Streets (RTS)